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"Excellent experience. Brought my car in after I received a diagnostic check and estimate from another business. Alpha Air Conditioning knew what the problem was immediately and charged me 10% of what the other guy was going to charge parts and labor. I will never go anywhere else. Don't even consider going anywhere else for your air conditioner needs."
-Alex M. (June 2017) 

"Fast and fair service. Really happy with the whole experience."
-Spike (June 2017)

"Very helpful and great savings having work done here."
-Lib S. (May 2017)

Excellent service. I called them about 9am. They got me in the same morning. Diagnosed and repaired my AC the same day. Very nice people. Family owned. I will definitely recommend them to my family and friends."
-Yvonne V. (May 2017)

"Nice man, very thorough and fast service. Car needed new air compressor on '04 Toyota Sienna. Left my car end of day and was done next day by noon. Cost $733.  Was out and about without suffocatin in the heat."
-Champaigne M. (May 2017) 

"Servicio muy rapido."  ("Very fast service.")
-Julio A. (May 2017)

"It had been a couple of years since I've had a recharge, so I brought it down for a recharge.  He did a test and said I was at 90 percent and said that I was fine.  I asked what I owe him and he said nothing.  Folks, this is an old school business.  I would recommend him to everyone."
-Dennis M. (April 2017)

Got this done on March 3rd. Quoted me $245 for my R&R discharge line (high pressure side) replacement. Quoted me $245, which is about $200 cheaper than the dealership and 100 dollars cheaper than another good local shop. Very happy with service and will recommend this place to everybody I know."
-Mike C. (March 2017) 

"Went in today at 8:00 to have my auto air conditioner fixed.  It stopped working at the end of last summer, and I was afraid that it would be a costly repair.  I was driving home by 9:00 with the air conditioner blowing cool air!  They did a diagnostic and found no leaks.  They serviced the air conditioner and recharged it.  Great service, very reasonable rates, and very trustworthy.  I have no hesitation recommending this business."
-Chrys M. (March 2017) 

"Got my AC going!"
-Vivian M. (March 2017)

"I started with taking my 1991 Z28 Camaro to Jimmy at Alpha Auto Air, he did such quality work, was efficient and professional job, I was amazed. He is also a very honest and sincere professional. I had my 1979 Chevy Van towed to him today. Yes, I did 1979....ha,ha,ha, it is 38 Years old, and runs great. My problem was coolant was leaking, causing van to overheat. I wasn't sure what problem was. Once Jimmy took a look, he determined it was my belt had fallen off due to the fan was worn out and was no longer cooling the engine. He quickly replaced the belt and fan. My repairs were under $200.00 and I am again able to drive it. I will continue to take my vehicles to this business for the excellent work and fair pricing. I highly recommend Alpha Auto & Air Conditioner to everyone!!"
-Yolanda R. (January 2017)

"Called ahead, went in, and in around 45 minutes and $79 my Miata a/c was working.  
It's the second time the a/c has been serviced in 20 years and it's great to have it super cold again.  Can't complain, these guys get it done-no messing around."
-Stephen Z. (October 2016)

"Thank you for the excellent repair of my wife's car.  She was thrilled to have things back to normal.  I appreciate your expertise and kindness."
-Mike A. (October 2016) 

"AC PRO! Good price, good speed, good quality!!!"
-Edmund C. (September 2016) 

"Excellent speedy service. Economic and honesty. I was charged $200 less than the estimate. They only do the requested work. No tricks. Honest family business."
-Al B. (August 2016)

"This is a family business, and Jim and his dad are awesome.  Being a female one never knows what type of experience to expect.  I felt they were honest, very affordable and had a quick turn around on my vehicle which the ac was a complete mess!  I took my van in on a Thursday morning and Friday afternoon it was ready to roll. If you want to get auto A/C estimates go to them last, they will be your ultimate pick for fair pricing, and honest courteous service! One Yelper said waiting room stunk of cigars.....that may have been because someone was in there earlier.  I had no such experience, waiting room is functional, no AC, but has a ceiling fan, a desk, and chairs, and no odors I could tell.  I was the only one in there at time."
-Ck K. (August 2016) 

"I called at 2pm and they stated I could come right now. I arrived and they checked my vehicle, told me what was wrong and started working on my vehicle right away. Great customer service, I would take my vehicle back for their services."
-Carla W. (August 2016) 

"I'm never one to review, but the service I got here is nothing short of amazing!! I came at a particularly busy part of the day and was behind a few people in line but I got my car serviced very quickly. The older man with the glasses was very kind and definitely knows what he's doing. This place reminds me of the old-fashioned mom and pop shops that had friendly and prompt service. The price wasn't anything to scoff at either, basically half as much I was quoted at the dealership. The waiting room is a bit muggy and hot though, however the service was so quick I could hardly complain. Would definitely recommend my friends and family to this place."
-Alvin L. (August 2016) 

"Very friendly, found the problem in seconds, and super reasonable rates! Thankful for Alpha Auto Air!"
-Shauna H. (February 2016)

"Girlfriend took her car to german auto repair. They tried to charge my girlfriend $900 to fix ac. Went here. They charged her less then half that and fixed it in the same day. Go here."
-John C. (September 2015) 

"An honest mechanic and clean shop!  I had a great experience here today.  This place is local and family owned, and a great value.  They were honest and upfront with me and delivered exactly what they promised.  I have an old car and did not have great expectations.  I was shown exactly what was wrong with my compressor and given very affordable options to fix my air conditioning.  30 minutes later I was driving away in a cool car!  The waiting room was clean and had a desk for me to use.  I had a laptop and work to get done so this was perfect.  There was no pressure to buy extra services that I did not need.  I will come back for sure, but hopefully not for a while :-)"
-Erin M. (August 14, 2015)

"We brought our car here to be serviced and were pleasantly surprised. They took our car in early because we had small children and fixed our air conditioning for 80 bucks in 30 minutes. The guys at Alpha were very nice and extremely professional. Best of all the air in our car is ice cold again. I will definitely come back in the future."                                                                                    
-Brian N. (July 14,2015)

"The older man with the glasses was very nice! They were super fast I was expecting to have to drop my truck off but he filed my freon while I stood there. It was $90 to fill my freon and he told me I probably have a leak and something might be plugged he told me what it was but I forgot he said what he did should last me a year or at least threw the summer and if I need to bring it back in it would be around $240 to flush everything and get it running top notch. I'm very satisfied. Nice people no hunky shady stuff and fast."
-Erica E. (July 2015) 

"I've been a customer since 2004 with several cars and the owner, the father at the time, has always treated me like a friend.  Also very honest and reasonable price.  I would recommend and i have recomended Alpha to my friends and family.  An awesome crew thanks Alpha."
-Danny C. (June 11, 2015)

"I called at 9am on a day expected to be over 100 and was told to come by anytime. Stopped in at 11am. They quickly made sure my fans were working. Told me an AC service would take about 30 minutes for $80. Done and done!"                                      
-Ed B. (June 25, 2015)

"I took my car here just under a year ago based off of reviews and a resonalbe cost for the diagnost issue. 11 months later I find myself wothout air again. While this sounds like it would be a bad review, i took my car there today and they honored the warranty and are currently fixing the broken part.  I am glad to know that there are still honest people in the service industry."                              
-Brooks C. (June 8, 2015)

"I recently had my auto air conditioner serviced at Alpha Auto Air after having my car misdiagnosed by "the other guys" who told me my air compressor was out and several parts would need to be replaced.  I was quoted a price of $1349.33.  After doing some research online, I found Alpha Auto Air and took my car to them for a second opinion.  Within 30 minutes, I was told the problem was definitely not my air compressor.  I was asked to bring my car to them the following Monday morning.  I received a call by 10am that Monday and was told that they could fix the problem for $150.00.  I found the owner to be an absolutely honest man and I highly recommend Alpha Auto Air to one and all!!!"  
-Denise H. (May 26, 2015)

"Everbody was quoting me $2000 dollars to fix my car. I called Alpha and they quoted me $745.00. At first I thought they were joking, but they fixed my stuff and since then I have been referring everyone since."
-Jami C. (June 2014)

"I will highly recommend them to everyone. They did such a good job with my a/c in my car. It works great. They gave me a reasonable price and I had my car back in a reasonable time. Great customer service. They're such an awesome crew. Once again, I thank you Alpha."
-Tina A. (May 2014) 

"I live in Mariposa and I needed a new heater core in my Ford ZX2. I called several places in Mariposa and received quotes that were $600 or more. A friend suggested that I go to Alpha Auto Air. He described the immaculate shop and waiting room as well as the quick turn around time for repairs. Alpha quoted a price of $400 so I made the 1 1/2 hour drive and dropped off my car. When I called the next day I was told that my heater core was not available anywhere in Fresno but could be ordered and would take a week to get there. The guys at Alpha then took the heater core that was available to a radiator shop and had it modified for my DOHC engine. They installed the new heater core in the time that I was quoted at the price that I was quoted despite this setback. I was even more pleased to find out that they had seen the new set of headlamps that I had just purchased were sitting on my front seat and they had installed those as well. Very professional, old fashioned service that is very rare these days. I highly recommend Alpha Auto Air and I will be more than happy to make the long drive whenever I need their services. Thanks again, guys!"
-Branton B. (October 2013) 

"My van air conditioner was not blowing cold enough air. I went to Alpha and was treated very well.  They found the problem and fixed it.  I felt they were very honest, as they could have easily made it into a much more expensive repair.  It turned out that only some o-rings had failed. After a service, I was super happy with how my car was cooling."
-Mark H.  (September 1, 2013) 

"Jim and his dad were great.  They repaired our car fast and the waiting room was clean.  They are good people and I would go back again!"
-Susanne O.  (June 2, 2013)

"I was impressed by the quality and customer service.  My AC is ready for the hot summer!  Definitely recommend."
- Shem R.  (March 2013) 

"Should you ever need to go and get your A/C unit in your car repaired, I would highly recommend Alpha Auto Air Conditioning.  Jim was absolutely wonderful with us.  He explained what was wrong with the unit.  He explained that the hose on the condenser, the bolt was missing.  He also explained that the condenser was unable to hold a threaded screw cause it was stripped.  He was able to find a way to get it to work.  He saved us $400 that would have would have had to go to a new condenser."
-David G. (March 21, 2013) 

"I needed the A/C compressor replaced for my 2007 VW Passat wagon.  I called four places.  The price Alpha Auto quoted me over the phone was much less than the next nearest competitor.  When I brought it in, they did the job at the time they said they would, and for exactly the price promised, using factory-direct parts, no after-market.  The total price, including labor, system drain and flush, and everything was the same as the other shops wanted just for parts.  So far it is running great."  
-Nathan (March 17, 2012)        

"I've been a customer since 2004 with several cars and the owner, the father at the time, has always treated me like a friend.  Also very honest and reasonable price.  I would recommend.  I have recommended Alpha to my friends and family.  An awesome crew.  Thanks Alpha."
-Danny C. (January 11, 2012) 

“I have been going to Alpha Air for over 20 years. Their service is always great, the price is good and fair compared to other shops. I have lots of friends that go there also and they have been very happy. Thumbs up for Alpha Air for me.”  
-Bobby M. (August 25, 2011)  

“Alpha was fast, friendly, and effective. They found the problem in a few minutes, and fixed it within an hour as I waited. And the cost was minimal. Very pleased.”
-Sid (August 23, 2011)

“I have used Alpha Auto Air for the past 5 years every time my 20 year old Toyota or VW has needed air conditioning help. They have been extremely professional and fair in all their dealings. They had an electrical fire in their shop about a year ago and since have gotten a bunch of new equipment and cleaned the place up a lot, so they not only do good work, but the place looks a lot better too! I plan to take my son's Honda in next week to have the A/C fixed and have confidence they will be able to do the job right, and at a fair price.”
-Ken (July 28, 2011)

“While no one else had been able to determine what was wrong with my auto air conditioning, the folks at Alpha Auto Air diagnosed the problem within ten minutes. Specialists were very time efficient, cordial, and estimate was on target. Service was expedient. Shop was well kept and organized. I would definitely recommend this place of business.”
-Darlene G. (July 6, 2011)

“Knowledgeable, professional, honest, courteous, and timely. I had them replace a radiator. Jimmy replaced it for less than I could have bought just the radiator. He also replaced my a/c unit with a complete kit and it works great. I appreciate a good company and will not hesitate to call him for any work on my vehicles.”
-(June 20, 2011)

“I took my car to Pep Boys to find out why my air conditioner stopped working. They quoted me $750.00 to repair it. I then took it to Alpha Auto Air Conditioning Specialists and they repaired it for $140.00 in 45 minutes while I waited.  What great customer service too.  Thank you so much!”
-Debra L. (May 1, 2011)

“Good service and a reasonable price!”
-Roxanne (March 16, 2011)

“Wow!! These guys are not only excellent mechanics and dead spot on, they did the job right and did it fast and did it cheap. Will go again and will tell my friends.”
-Macheen (July 2, 2009)

“Highly recommend Alpha Auto Air. Alpha Auto Air was extremely helpful in getting my a/c compressor replaced at a reasonable price and in record time. I highly recommend using them for any repair needs.”
-Rachel (May 14, 2008)

“Helped right away. Last summer was too hot. I did not even know that my car air needed to be refilled. So when the first heat hit town, I was surprised. Luckily, I did not have to wait for these guys. They got me in and helped right away.”
-Anton M. (February 9, 2008)